2013 Story Project

I need to find the fun in writing again. For the last few years, I’ve done so much ‘work’ writing that I feel like the ephemeral joy of the written word is having a bit of a sabbatical. There are only so many thesis pages, covering letters and personal statements that a reasonable human being can stand to craft. I think I’ve reached that limit. So, I’m going back to writing for fun. That’s right, for the pure joy of it. To that end, I am initiating the ‘Story Project’, which could have a better name but hey, it’s to the point. I’m going to attempt to write one short story a week and post it here on the website. It may not be one short story a week. Let’s not forget the need for joy. If it doesn’t make me joyous, I may rebel and take a week off. Nonetheless, starting from next Monday I will make my best attempts to keep up the writing schedule and we’ll see where it leads. Once the story is posted, I’ll post some background on the writing process and from next week onwards, I will put the week’s prompt up on Monday so should anyone want to join me in the search for lexical joy, please feel free.


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